Saturday, January 10, 2009

10 Man OS

Got a whisper last night from a friend saying they needed help in 10 man OS. I said sure switched from Fal to Grai and away we went. Mostly a pug group but I imagine some of his guildies but about half of us had never seen it, including me. Clear what limited trash there is and then it was onto the drakes. They went down easy after the portal phases were explained.

Now we get to Sartharion again good detailed account of his lava wall ability, and we engauge. First attempt the MT positioned the dragon short of the spot and the melee got caught in the lava wall. Second attempt went like clock work boom dead dragon. 4 emblems for me in about 40 mins. no tier loot as I had a lousy roll, but saw a entry level wrath raid and had some fun.

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