Monday, January 12, 2009

I've Been Scooped

Yesterday was a very eventful day for little ol' Fal. When i logged in to do some quest in Icecrown a couple of guildies mentioned that CoT: Strat was the non-heroic daily and were putting together a group. They had a tank so I got to go beat stuff up. Ahh the joy of a lolgrip warrior.

So we went in and had a successful clear but we had another guildie that wanted to make the run but didnt , because we were full so we ran it again swapping Fal out for Grai to tank and Nas came as dps.

Then I had RL stuff that needed to be taken care off so I log off for a bit and got chores done.

Having a few free hours I hop back on and timed it perfectly as the guild was building a group for HoL, so I offer my dps and away we went again. Started the instance about 20% short of leveling and maybe 300 rep from honored with Argent Crusade. We figured out the first boss (don't let him grow) and the rest went down easy till Loken. Loken took 2 tries we decided to just eat the storm and keep pounding.

After loken i was 1400 ish xp from the ahhh so we did one last trash pull and this happened.

So I have a thing I do every Sunday night and when i got back home I check and see that The Big Bear Butt Blogger scooped me.

Thank you to all the guildies who made these last 10 levels very fun and lets go beat some more stuff up.

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