Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Random thoughts

Not alot today WoW wise but a couple of big changes in RL.

First off I'm back to feeling okay had a touch of the stomach bug this weekend which was why I never made it back Saturday for a few guild runs we wanted to try. Fal made it to 78 last night when i did duck in for about a hour.

And secondly and most important I'm back in the work force. As my in game guildies and friends know I have had a couple major back operations. So I had kinda given up hope of finding something I could do that would fit in with what i need to do so I don't lock up. Well as soon as I figured there was no chance "poof" a job that was willing to work with me about what I can and can't do.

I'm excited and nervous and now will be busy 3 days a week with the chance of more hours and days being added if my back can hold up.

Best wishes to anyone who is pursuing RL or in game goals I found out that when it looks the bleakest good can happen.


Doodle said...

Wow Grai! That is such awesome news! Lately all has been doom & gloom from friends, relatives, and acquaintances about the economy and their jobs that it is fantastic to hear of something positive. Keep up the good work! Literally! ^_^

TheBigBearButt said...

Awesome news, Grai.

I hope that your first day of work today went well, and that your back feels strong.

And you know how we roll. screw the game, get well and rock the RL.

We'll still be here when you get back. Those instances ain't going anywhere.