Friday, January 23, 2009

We Went, We Saw, We Skinned

Sidhe Devils entered 10 man OS as a guild last night for the first time. We had 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 5 dps. We all knew what was needed of us and came suitably prepared. We left with achievements, skins of various styles and a sense of guild accomplishment.

As this was our first attempt we took down all 3 drakes. As I was on Grai I got to be the portal hoper and found out I need to be quicker to the glowy purple thing. We didn't lose anyone during those fights just shouldn't have our dps first through. The attendants don't hit me hard but they do hit non-tanks for a fair bit of damage.

We managed the lava wall like pros. Excellent calls for direction and which way to move, in or out. It showed one of the reason I truly love my guild. Everyone was ready and on their A game. Yes I know this isn't a difficult raid but to run a first time guild group with no wipes I believe shows that prepared we can tackle anything.

Also I have learned to be quiet. Instead of being a chatter box during the raid I actually shut up which might be a epic win for our raid leaders.

Tonight is the spider wing, hopefully good teamwork and people will pay off again. I know it will be a fun time spent with my guildies so any loot is a bonus.


Anonymous said...

Grats!!! Always fun to down a boss guildwide the first time!

Shrinn said...

Woot! Wish I was there, but you guys can drag me thru this content later :P

Anonymous said...

Grats to you and the guild on a great run! Sounds like everything went as intended. Hope you guys can clear it all in no time flat!

i.e. 20 min. full 25 Naxx clear?

I'd call you Super Grai! XD

Nighthawque said...

The first time I went in first and had no one to heal except myself gave me a bit o angina haha.

I was one of the healers going "where is everyone??? isn't everyone supposed to get in the portal?....O ok here they come.

It was totally fun, especially as it was my very first raid.