Monday, January 26, 2009

My Little Warrior Done went and Grew Up

For as long as I have had Grai, I have had Fal. At most I think they were 5 levels apart through all the journeys. From the vanilla WoW days to Burning Crusade and now into and through Northrend. One of the givens to having them both was Grai is the main and Fal is the other guy.

For vanilla Fal lived as a arms warrior happily swinging his big ol honking 2 handers. Remember the joy of the old mace specialization, that random stun proc was a life saver many times. Overpower please Mr. Rogue try and dodge I lived for that to light up. Then came Kang and i switch to bleed effects and axes.

During all that time when asked the answer was easy Grai is my main, yes even in the bad old days I had my main as a Pally tank. The Cathedral in the monestary how many times did I run that for my sheild seems like hundreds in retospect. We were know where near the ubber must have tanks the BC turned us into but I loved being out front just getting hit.

BC was Fal's first foray into to the fine art of fury warriordom. Had the old Rogue in Plate spec. , loved bgs where i could pop berserk and or death wish and eat locks for lunch. This was before whirlwind effected both weapons and oh the damge increase that brought to the party. Just there was absolutely no plate gear designed for fury warriors pre t5 stuff and the first badge rewards where all tanking. So Fal farmed and mined and dreamed of being a over the top dps toon.

Well then we got the pre patch for Wrath. We knew Titan's Grip was comming first it was gonna be a huge speed penalty, then when it came to live it was only a extra 5% to hit we needed; now even thats gone. To me all the changes along with the abundance of plate with prime stats for fury warriors leads me to call this the fury expansion.

The title refers to a simple comparison this is Fal's armory profile this is Grai's.

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Anonymous said...

As a recent convert from tank to fury warrior I say "woot" bring the rain!