Thursday, January 22, 2009

We are Going In

Well tonight hopefully Sidhe Devils will do our first guild raiding. We have Vault and OS on the schedule, for the 10 mans. Lucky me I have two toons to offer to help if we need spots filled. Grai who has tanked 10 man OS and Fal who has dps both. So if all goes well one of my guildies or maybe even me will get a nice bonus bag of emblems and gold this evening, along with a chance for tier gear.

On other news from the gang, Carack has gotten up to 425 enchanting. Woot to materials being lowered for those now the push to 450 in earnest. A certain bear wants the new stam to bracers chant.

Outside of that no real news except the grind for rep continues and most likely will for awhile still. Well work beckons, so i will hopefully write of glowing victories tonight in our raids.

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