Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I like Big Crits and I can not Lie

With all apologies to Sir Mix-A-Lot nothing else conveys why I min-max on some of my toons. Case in point, my left for the dust bin hunter; dear ol' Padrad. He started his Wow life post BC and was my PvP battleground diversion. But he was originally a survival hunter simple to cause massive havoc to flag carriers in WSG. It was very fun to watch a twink get wing clip rooted as the rest of the alliance team crashed around him and got the flag back.

Then came the time to level out of the 29 bracket and challenge Azeroth and beyond so I went Beast Mastery. I went the spec that contained when high enough level the built in I-Win button. Now a enraged pet that isn't subject to CC or fear also was very fun in BG's, so I would get massive yellow numbers and still play to my favorite aspect of the game.

By the time I got Paddy to level 70 BC was waining but with the help of the darling Shrinn on her druid we did have the chance to experience some 2v2 arena love getting me the 2 handed s3 axe a couple pieces of s2 gear and generally just having fun in game together.

Well as some know her computer melted down and we haven't been able to replace it yet so with no arena on the horizon Paddy was relegated to the yeah I'll get to ya.

BM at low levels in Wrath offered some nice things pre 3.0.8 but was never over awed by the exotic pets. I mean come on the great dwarven hunter Bram(unknown spec) has his red gorrila; and Paddy has PrimalGrai so if Bram doesn't need a special pet Paddy didn't either.

Watched BRK's movie on trap dancing and how the survival spec put out massive crits and figured hmmm I do love big yellow numbers lets check it out. He gained almost 10% to his crit rating and the occasional free shot and now his traps actually get used. I've removed volley from the action bar, and am now looking forward to leveling so I can get a Polar Bear from dragonblight area.

I have no expectation of raiding on Paddy, heck I have Fal for big yellow numbers for raiding. Just now days when I run into to place a trap on my current target and auto attack changes to melee that big ol honking s3 axe goes Whoomp and throws up a crit sometimes. Yeah my melee weapon isn't a stat generator only now woohoo.

So while I do not link damage meters to stoke my e-peen ego I do run blizz combat text so I can smile when one of the dwarfs lands a massive hit.

I mean heck even Grai lands some impressive crits for a prot paladin these days, the old joke that pally's should duel wield shields would be awesome now.

So I shall take my leave of you fine folks now, and once again go in search of over sized numbers in blizz's scrolling combat text be they yellow or white, and sadly miss the days when Paddy's companion was able to generate orange ones.

But as Sir Mix-A-Lot said while i admit to my love of crits you other players can't lie and love them also.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm Could "Pally Hunter" be far behind...oh I do love pets!