Friday, January 16, 2009

Have I said I love Titans Grip

For almost all of my 3+ years of playing WoW I've been a Paladin tank. Every once in awhile, I would spec holy just to get a different view of the fight. Not this time around Falromord my dwarf warrior is getting more play time has better gear and is generally much more fun to play. Like alot of places the guild I'm in our healers are catching up with the dps and tanks, so we dont have enough currently to run multiple heroics.

Enter Fal from stage right. Short bad attitude and carries to very big maces. He just dinged 80 Sunday, but is currently hit capped for Titans Grip (TG), with the penalty still in place. Over 4k AP in 5 man groups and seeing how he has been running with a druid tank 28% crit in berserker stance.

He hits that primitive note inside me that says as a man I'm supposed to beat something up and take their stuff. I give our tank a second or two to get good threat generation and then KAPOW lets bring da pain.

He and Grai have truly always existed together since I started playing. They have normally never been more than 5 levels apart at anyone time. Just normally Fal provides money and gear to the pally. Fury warriors had it tough in BC wearing whatever cast off bits off armor we could grab as we approached Kara. Lots of leather and or mail gear, and Kara had absolutely no true fury pieces other than the T4 tokens.

This xpac we have TG, we have plate with hit,crit,expertise and oh yeah two big old honking weapons with outsized stats. I play more with Fal's spec these days than Grai's trying to squeeze out that last drop of dps. I use the EJ spread sheets to find out the best rotation for dps per rage point. I'm in nerd heaven.

Instancing is easy now, because our lack of CC doesn't hurt us these days. So will Grai always be the "main", I think so; or possibly I will have co-mains. I just know that when I see looking for dps for x these days I'm happy to respond and say I can do that.

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