Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Favorite 5 Man Story

Ok The Big Bear Butt Blogger is asking for stories about or favorite 5 man instance story where we had to use or groups class abilities to overcome the instance.

Before I venture into my story, a little background about Graimerin and what it was like trying to be a Paladin Tank pre-BC. I leveled him 1-70 as protection specced and up to 60 pre-BC. End game as a paladin then was not for tanking, heck even our tier gear looked like a dress. So with the pre-BC patch changes paladins changed for good or bad eh thats another post.

Simply stated we had no ranged pull, a blue rage bar that depleted very , very quickly and almost no gear even close to being designed for protection spec.

Enter BC we got most of the commonly used abilities that are common now.

Ok now for the story.

This goes back to when you needed to be revered with a faction to get the heroic key for that dungeon. I was in a different guild and we where getting ready for Kara. I had a few of my D3 pieces and needed badges, so I could have me some epics. Well the group I was in consisted of myself on Grai, a shaman healer (Archangle), a frost mage (Zaanah), and 2 warlocks (Vagar)and (Kiernaan). This group of good friends became Grai's gang long before there ever was a blog. So I had read that heroic slavepens was supposed to be the easiest one so off we go for adventure,glory and badges.

Well we were doing ok as we plodded threw the instance again the majority of us in crafted blues and or dungeon sets. The casters might have begun working on there BoP tailoring epics not sure it was a long time ago. So we get to the room we all came to hate. Multiple mobs with varying abilities that could destroy your carefully laid plans. I marked up the mobs knowing that the rays could fear and the priestess had that nasty mind control that would happen at the worst possible time. Well first 3 or 4 pulls end with a long run back from the graveyard when either Vagar or Kiern had one of the greatest ideas ever in WoW.

The told me throw your shield and drag the group way back here where we have stuff cleared and we will use chain fearing as we move threw the mobs. What was and is a fun way of handling that room Zaanah would sheep the rays I'd drag the rest as far away from there buddies as possible and BOOM 2 are running in terror. Misjudge how far one would run and it went bad but we learned how to abuse that room.

I learned that having skilled players of any class, many times Kiern came one one of his alts their are many; can and will overcome the special tricks that the devs throw at us. If you have never seen how much fun chain sheeping + chain fearing can be you missed a fun time.

We as a group got better gear and left Heroic SP behind along time ago but even these days of AoE tanking and speed runs, I still miss working out how to get by this ****ed up room,boss, etc.

These days if the group wants to I'll do a speed run, or if its a guild run I'm just as happy to let my group do there stuff. I love the team work aspect of this game and the trust and bonds of friendship that can form from inclusion instead of exclusion.

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Anonymous said...

HI Grai.... lol, I remember those days in there. Good times.