Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kinda like going Home

Just after I got Fal his 400 unarmed skill and his 4 weapon skills to 400 achievement, I get a whisper from a dear friend needing help in CoT :Strath. I asked what they needed tank or dps , figuring tank. Well I got the first pleasant surprise when I found out they needed dps and that meant that lil 'ol Fal could go hit things.

Zaanah who had whispered me said the invite was on its way when the second pleasant surprise happened. Jerdaz was also in the group because he invited me, now Jerdaz is one of the legion of alts Kiernan he's a good friend and old guildie. So 2 of the group I know to be old guildies from Essence of Grandeur a very good guild on Kael'thas US. So I accept the invite only to get pleasant surprise number 3 Carrador and Azzarea, warrior and rogue respectfully are also in the group.

All members of EoG when for some odd reason they let me run it way back when. It felt to me like a EoG guild run back into heroics. Brought back many happy memories and i had hopes of forming new ones, and those hopes were realized.

Now way back in the days when Kara was hard Carrador would change specs sometimes OT sometimes fury depending on what we needed on any given run. So tanking wasn't gonna be a worry. Azzarea has always been a very good rogue timely interrupts and good dps. Zaanah is and always will be the person I think of when I think of frost mages. To many good runs watching her own the dps meters while maintaining CC if used and just a very nice person. Jerdaz is just a dam good player I don't care which one of his innumerable alts he's on his skill will show through.

So we decide before we even start the run that we are not trying for the 30 minute timer none of them had ever done starth culling on heroic and I have only done it as a Pally tank. So we get started with a easy lets just beat this attitude have some fun and see some new levels of content. Meathook gave us a bit of a problem the first time he kept interrupting Jerdaz's heals and the dot wiped us the first try. Second attempt after a few changes in our strategy we collected our loot and badges and moved on.

The rest of the run was good communication and even better teamwork. We executed our plan on the instance and got our rewards. Azzerea was able to claim the epic fist weapon from Mal'Ganis and we all secured 4 badges. Zaanah offered us a port and poof back in Dalaran.

I don't remember whom asked if we could run another one. We all agreed and decided that heroic Violet Hold was quick and close. Sounded like a winner so off we go to protect the citizens from the motley collection of felons from the azerothian universe.

Again I'm the only one who has done this instance on heroic, so we discuss which bosses we have seen and the strategies for them. The only 2 bosses the majority of the group hasn't seen are the bird boss and the ethereal boss. I had seen both so figured the rng would never give us both in one run and assumed I could explain on the fly.

First 5 waves no problem so what boss, Bird boss quick easy explanation burn him then clean up the adds. We aced it. Mana and food back up during our little break 5 more waves of trash dispatched no worries. 2nd boss ethereal I was there and the rng hates me. SO i give a quick and poor explanation of my prefered kitting method, forgot one major point that we needed to turn back the way we had come and not across the floor. Ooops that one was completely my fault.

So we regroup inside get our buffs reset and burn through the first 11 portals, nice. Now this time the group shined beautiful kitting and massive sustained dps we gets loot and badges. 5 more waves of trash and we get our big blue felon, dispatched her with no issue. 4 more achievements for my friends and the bonus one of not having any damage done to the door.

2 heroics cleared rep earned badges gathered and loot for all. I believe Zaanah got the epic bracers from the final boss in VH. For any group a good run and not a bad few hours invested. A group that had never done either instance on heroic defiently a good job.

Me I got a nice dps ring but the best part was new memories with old friends. This game we play sometimes sees us move from guilds for many reasons. Wishing to raid, schedule changes, wanna be in a guild full of bloggers; and many that are for lousy reasons. I left EoG to join Sidhe Devils because of blogging and burn out. So running a quasi EoG guild run heroic was kinda like going to your hometown. All the good things I remembered where still there maybe a little shiny er or maybe just a new suit of clothes. But the decent people I remember and miss are still there. 10 levels higher and wiser in the tricks blizz plays on us but still the same wonderful warm and welcoming people.

So to close this long and ramble post Thank You all for being who you are. The longer I play this game I realize its not the game that keeps me here its the people. Be they old friends, current friends or friends I have yet to meet. You are the ones that help me find fun and keep me coming back.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for accepting our invitation to join us and we had a good time with you also. Hopw we can do it again sometime. Zaanah