Saturday, January 31, 2009

Raid Night Beatdowns

Last night we had VoA and 10 man OS up on the calender raids. So the entire raid was logged in early and we decided to do VoA simple because we had Wintergrasp and assumed if you had control and the battle started you were fine. Well as soon as we start on the 1st trash pulls we get the raid will reset timer, from first trash pull to dead boss,looted, and portback to Dalaran maybe 12 minutes. 2 nice t7 chest pieces were the loot.

Now we were moving unto the second part of our schedule doing 10 man OS. Clear the trash and take down the two nearer drakes (left and right), then talk about if we wanted to try leaving the last drake up and decided against it. So we clear her out the way, I think its a female seeing as she has all the whelp eggs; then continue off to the big badie. Main tank on dragon, OT on add patrol and the occasional of heal boom another dead dragon.

So it was at this point maybe 45 minutes to an hour into the raid night schedule that 3B inquires if we would like to poke are heads into Naxx and see if revenge can be had after harsh introduction last week. Ready check for interest everyone is so we head over there.

Now the raid make up consisted of 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps. Windshadow(mt),Graimerin(ot),Ruune(heals),Para(heals),Lixie(heals),Cassie(dps),Barre(dps),
Ely(dps),Cal(dps) and Sinnas(dps). So instead of trying the kitting method for swarm boy we went with the tank and spank + power heal version of the fight. 1st attempt should have been a win but something happened I either taunted the wrong mob or something else incredibly moronic because at around 30% health and during a loctus swarm I ended up with not only the crypt guard but also the boss. 2nd attempt and a better behaved paladin it was dead boss Sidhe Devils first Naxx 10 boss down.

So heady on the wine of success, we keep going threw some minor trash, and come to the grand widows room. Really fun trash before boss just cause the groups are big lol and then we are looking at her, and her gang of four. So its decide I'll take the four attendants off to the left as wind occupies the lady on the right. Well all the dps types join me for the intial spanking off her attendants then they move off to her. I kept insulting their job choice and family trees while occasionally judging the lady and giving her a bash with the shield. When we would get the raid warning about her enrage I would call kill target, dps would switch and dispatch them. First time 90% of the raid had seen that fight and it was a flawless one shot.

Now it is starting to get near when Para one of our healers need to log off but we wanted to get one try in on the final wing boss. Position, explain, pull. Oops Para had some weird thing happen and he dcd. Now he's main tank healer and it turned into a Chinese fire drill but we got a great look at the mechanics of the fight. Switched out Night for Para and gave it try #2. This attempt was perfect ranged and heals all positioned well to make my spider grabbing job easier and we all got our spider wing achievement.

We started this at about 7pm server time. We were all back in Dalaran by 10 pm server time. We did for are smallish guild a huge night of raiding content. We all learned from the errors of our previous Naxx atempt.

In closing we kicked but. Wind as raid leader had ready explanations, everyone knew the basic dynamics of the fight, super healing, and massive sustained on target dps. .

Thank you very much my fellow guildies for sharing a ubber evening with me, it would have been fun just doing the stuff as our guild the success is truly icing on top.

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Ruune said...

Was certainly lots of fun and always good to run with the guild. Whatever happened on that first attempt in Naxx must have been the wow gods saying that we couldn't go a whole night without a real wipe (ie not due to DCs and lock outs) after enduring so much pain in naxx last week.